You only have a few seconds for your potential customers to “get it” and investigate further into your product, service or company. Attracting the right customer for the right reasons saves you time and money. Contact us and we’ll send you our Branding and Naming Workbook. It will save you time and money. 

Your name is synonymous with your why, your what and your culture.  Investing the time to nail it down is always worth it—just like defining your purpose. And a name that aligns with your purpose will be timeless no matter what the future holds. Your name and purpose help you to say no to the wrong business opportunities and yes to the right ones. Together, they convey the emotional benefit the customer will receive from the brand—the start of the brand promise.



All of our projects start with discovery. We fully immerse ourselves in your business, conducting stakeholder interviews and learning about your clients and competition. 


Knowing who you are not is just as important as knowing who you are. Distilling who you are, why you are on the planet, and why customers should care is hard work. If it was easy everybody would have an awesome brand name and brand, attracting exactly the right customers. Once we know what attributes we want your name to be associated with, we create a vocabulary list.


Wordsmithing. We use the vocabulary list as our guide to generate a list of names, words and objects that have the desired semantics. This becomes our playground for a few weeks as we look for unique and open spots in the marketplace. 


After we have evaluated the best of the best, we start the process of building a world around the name—possible URLs, positioning statements, taglines, as well as a preliminary business name and trademark search.